Why you should only trust Chambrair

1. CHAMBRAIR defrostManagement©
- guarantees constant temperature, throughout the day
2. CHAMBRAIR AirControl© with 2 charcoal filters
- prevents black mould on bottle labels
3. CHAMBRAIR HygroControl©
- maintains the appropriate humidity level for wine, cheese or cigars
4. CHAMBRAIR MikroTronic©
- provides heating or cooling as required to counter the temperature of the surroundings
5. CHAMBRAIR CoolWhispers©
- produces quiet-as-a-whisper operation and is designed by us for your living quarters
6. CHAMBRAIR VibraStop©
- Compressors mounted upon vibration-absorbers prevent the transference of vibrations to the wine
- prevents the damaging influence of sunlight on wine
8. CHAMBRAIR Know-how
- 27 years of experience in top-level gastronomy
9. CHAMBRAIR Design configurator
- enables the free design of the exterior your wine climate control cabinet
10. CHAMBRAIR Multifunctionality
- with wine, cheese or cigar storage